Friday, October 31, 2008

Housekeeping And Some Great Blogs

As I have received some much-appreciated attention from a few esteemed fellow bloggers, I am excited to return the favor in kind. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of this community, and take great pride in being able to recognize stellar work as I come across it.
I direct you first, please, to a blog called Wig-Wags. This work is presented by Rene Tyree, a grad student at American Military University who is focusing on the Civil War. I love what I do for a living and loved my graduate education, but that does sound like fun. Anyway, if you want a comprehensive walk through the causes of the war among a host of other choices, not the least of which are the stellar book reviews, then you must turn here.
For a plentitude of book reviews (he's reading Glatthaar's "Everyman's War"), and news stories, get to Civil War Librarian.
Jim Beeghley (now Dr. Jim Beeghley, well done) runs a blog called Teaching The Civil War With Technology. This sort of effort is going to be a cornerstone in helping focus people's interests in learning about the war, disseminating information, and furthering research. Spend some time looking at the picture in the title bar, I love it! The Google Time Line Feature is pretty sweet, too.
Other bits and pieces...
-I may be able to deliver my lecture on the 20th Massachusetts Regiment at Gettysburg two more time next year; to the Orange County Roundtable and the Inland Empire Roundtable. I'm very excited about these opportunities, just need to get the dates to jibe.
-The Civil War Network is unfortunately down due to equipment issues, but fortunately not out. Can't wait for it to get back online
-This Sunday is chapters 7-8 of Miller's "Harvard's Civil War" at Civil War Interactive's book chat. It's an amazing book, and a cornerstone of research for my aforementioned lecture, and the conversation has been quite lively. It's free to participate.
-I've read and posted all of the comments that have been coming in, thanks and keep 'em coming!

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Jim Beeghley said...

Thanks for the kind words. FYI: I'm running a giveaway of a book on the Hunley just in time for Christmas.