Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gettysburg Gems Online

First off, huge thanks and gratitude to the many friends of the Tipsy Historian for all of the good wishes and positive energy over the past few days! Nothing beats having The Jess at home and smiling. Like I wrote the other day, all good things start at home. Now that we're home and resting, here's a post I actually wrote several days ago...
So after joining the Civil War Website Ring, I took my first pass at the other members. Some blogs I'd seen, some were entirely new to me. One is so cool, it needs its own post. I've spent a goodly amount of space discussing why the Gettysburg battlefield is special for me, so it should come as no surprise that a website chock-full of images of the battlefield would immediately grab my interest. That said, behold Gettysburg365. Compiled by a gentleman named William Bretzger, this website, which is updated almost daily, has a spectacular picture of a different part of the field with a brief descriptor beneath. When I say "spectacular", I really mean it, these are professional-grade shots, filled with color, action, pathos, all the features that make a premiere composition. Just in case you missed it:
Another treat comes from the ongoing coverage of the Gettysburg cyclorama, now open to the public. The local NBC affiliate aired this video report with some footage of the painting along with the audio and visual effects in the exhibit. Good clip and all was well right until the end when the onsite reporter lived up to the standard of most local news stations. Buddy, the battle was in July, the Gettysburg Address was in November. Ugh. Anyway, goodnight, and stay classy San Diego!

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