Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Strong Gettysburg Blog With Tons Of Pictures

Like, which I found a few weeks ago, Gettysburg Daily puts up a near-daily image set from Gettysburg. I was instantly hooked when I found the Little Round Top during the change of seasons. It's a fun project working through their archives, that's for sure. They even have a series of pictures of Gettysburg witness trees, click here to see for yourself.
Also, I have a few words of wisdom and insight from Tom Friedman from Sunday's NY Times

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Rea Andrew Redd said...

Thanks for the pointer to Glatthaar's articles in Civil War History. I realized I hadn't reviewed the contents for Civil War History for about six months.
I also found an Ethan Rafuse article on Burnside at Antietam.
I am always on the look out for an Ethan Rafuse or a Peter Carmichel essay. Thanks again!
Rea Andrew Redd
Civil War Librarian