Thursday, October 30, 2008

Studying The Lost Cause Mythology Is Getting Popular!

I'm thrilled with the response that my posts about the Lost Cause mythology are starting to get, and the comments are fantastic. I've decided to provide a series of links to previous posts for easy use for people to start at the beginning of this program. You can, of course, also click on the "Lost Cause" link in the right sidebar.
For sake of ease, I'm only going to list the primary posts in this discussion, but I encourage everyone to scroll through the Lost Cause catalog, I'm sure some of the other musings will grab your interest, and don't forget the book reviews.
Please enjoy, and comments are welcome and encouraged. I'll get them posted with a response as soon as possible!

-this post has links to three previous posts and a summary of what we're going to work through
-the mythology surrounding Robert E Lee is covered here
-you may have noticed that I like to encourage readers to think about how they were taught about various events and personalities in the war, so we can compare what we learned and how we remember with what really happened. This post examines a video clip where I examine how this occurs.
-there are many reasons why the Lost Cause mythology emerged, not the least of which was that rigorous historical method and modern research techniques were either not available or not brought to bear. In this post, all of that begins to change, thanks to the work of Dr. Joseph Glattaar.
-here we begin our discussion of Stonewall Jackson

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I have a couple spare copies of Proslavery Defense; send your address and I'll send you an unmarked copy.
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