Thursday, October 16, 2008

George Will on Gettysburg And More ACW Stuff From The Washington Post

The impact of the new Visitor's Center at Gettysburg continues to grow, this time with nationally syndicated and award-winning columnist George Will weighing in on the subject. Please click here for the full article. There are several sentences in this piece that I found quite striking, but I won't bias you up front. Please read it and think about which bits strike home for you, and we'll revisit the piece next week.
Also from the Post comes a new blog from Linda Wheeler, who was previously the paper's Civil War columnist. Her blog, entitled "A House Divided" looks to be particularly interesting, especially from the perspective of trying to grow our Civil War community. It's maintained by Linda Wheeler and is entitled "A House Divided." From her first post: "She will report on conferences and seminars, find little-known battlefields and sites to explore, check on the latest books and advice on upcoming events, and more"
Please click on the above link or access it via my blogroll on the right. Definitely a welcome addition!

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jessica said...

Thank you for bringing the George Will article to my attention. I am newly proud of having visited and learned about Gettysburg, which is a site more instrumental in the character of my present than the bullet holes I saw in the mausoleum wall at Pisa from World War II.