Thursday, October 9, 2008

Civil War Network, Episode Two

I spent some time with The Civil War Network when episode 2 became available, and just like with episode 1, I am thrilled with what Francis Rose has generated. Episode 2 hit my traveling jones right on the head, The Jess and I are looking forward to a robust battlefield sojourn sometime in the next year or two, and this episode certainly laid the foundation.
To start off, Childs Burton introduced yet another annual conference I would love to attend, the Conference on the Art of Command in the Civil War. The 11th meeting was this past weekend and focuses on the Battle of Antietam, check out the speakers! Talk about your who's who of Antietam experts.
The second segment went away from Civil War travel and into the role of religion in the Civil War. This was a brisk conversation with Father Bob Miller, the author of "Both Prayed to the Same God" and touched on, however briefly, some vital themes in the motivations of ACW soldiers.
Getting back on the theme of Civil War destinations, Susan Trail, the superintendant of Monocacy National Battlefield Park, spoke about the state of the park and how the battle is interpreted there. She was followed by Waite Rawls, president of the Museum of the Confederacy, who discussed the controversial decision to set up several satellite facilities to the primary museum in Richmond, VA (though he doesn't want them to be called "satellite").
The standout of this episode was the interview with Don Pierce, who runs a resource that is going to be an integral part of our trip east called Civil War Traveler. Maps, tours, podcasts, you name it, it's here and it's free.
In my previous post, I touched on having various resources made available in a standardized fashion at all battlefield parks, this is the sort of thing I was referring to.

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