Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Civil War Community, And Yours Too

One of the best parts of blogging about the Civil War is the feeling of connecting with the Civil War community and landmarks, something that is otherwise difficult to do in California (San Diego Civil War Roundtable notwithstanding). Linking up with other bloggers, historians, park rangers, authors, students, etc and chatting about our shared interest is a huge part of what makes this a satisfying hobby, otherwise I sometimes feel like I'm just spinning my wheels.
All good things start at home, and the import of having The Jess share this interest is far and away the best part. I've also found a few wonderful niche communities out there and have tried to mention them to draw you into these circles as well, if you like. Things like the SDCWRT, Civil War Network (just finished program two, review is coming, but it's dynamite), links to other blogs are all part of this, but I want to be more comprehensive in this project, because it really is a ball. So I've added a label called Civil War Community and will be sure to add it to posts that fall into this category.
This post's contribution is the Civil War History Ring, which I joined today. If you look on the right toolbar, you'll see the blue icon. If you click it, it'll show you other sites that have subscribed. I do not vouch for their content or views, that's for the individual to decide, but there may be something there you enjoy. Remember to click on the red icon above it for the Civil War Top 100 sites, many are daily stops on my web tours. On the same sidebar, I've started a blogroll so you can share other sights that are a frequent part of my Civil War learning. Don't worry, I've included some choice mixology and coffee blogs as well.

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Rea Andrew Redd said...

Hey Mark!
The Civil War Librarian stopped in for a visit and found The Tipsy Historian infomative and refreshing! Picked up a couple of recipies and weblinks. Thanks for the Ethan Rafuse blog. i've read reading his McClellan book, his
1st Bull Run book and his Meade book and a few of his articles . I met Rafuse this year got his signature on them. I'm looking forward to his new Lee book (out now) and his tour guide to Antietam (out in December). For my money, he is among the best working historians in Civil War military history.

CWL's latest blog is on the Gettysburg LBG exam. I'll be in the test taker's chair again on Decmember 6.

Rea (Ray) Andrew Redd