Thursday, September 18, 2008

On The Refreshment Front

Two interesting new recent refreshments that need to become part of the repertoire here, and the first is all because it's melon season!
The Jess and I sojourned to The Fruit Stand just up the road, and after a fabulous session of percussing, hefting, and sniffing, selected what has proved to be the single greatest cantaloupe either of us has ever tasted.
When we cracked it open, dissected it, and chopped it into a bowl, my brain sprung toward a complementary beverage. It was time for dessert, so we needed a sweet, fruity pairing that could be served cold with the chilled melon. Where to turn...
There is a maxim in our household, being I'm of South African parents, that any food item made or invented in South Africa is primo-delecto good. (Anyone remember our wedding cake?) I applied this rule in the dessert drink category and selected a bottle of Amarula. A double served in a rocks glass with ice for each of us, and a bowl of fresh cantaloupe...this was heaven!
I know this doesn't strictly classify as a recipe, not that you shouldn't try it, but here's one that will blow your mind!

Cantarula With A Spoon
1/2 sliced and cubed cantaloupe (preferably chilled)
1/2 cup Amarula
2 scoops good vanilla ice cream

Add cantaloupe to bowl. Put ice cream on top. Pour Amarula over the top of that. Find your spouse/partner/best friend/companion and eat the whole thing out of the same bowl. Repeat if necessary.
Alternate: dump the fruit/ice cream/Amarula mix in blender for a short burst. Drink out of a highball glass.
On the coffee front, I'm experimenting with my first blend. Up to this point, I've done one varietal at a time in my roaster and my cup. Today I found myself needing to roast and having just a small amount of three different beans in the cupboard. So, I did them all together. To err on the side of caution, I went with a Full City + roast; the smells are amazing right out of the roaster, the beans are dark and oily...this blending thing seems to hold a great deal of promise!
Here are the components of this first blend:
Guatemala Antigua Finca Relana Yellow Bourbon
Guatemala Fraijanes - Finca Agua Tibia
El Salvador Matapala Estate Peaberry

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