Monday, September 22, 2008

The Unveiling Of The Gettysburg Cyclorama

When The Jess and I visited Gettysburg several years ago, we skipped the visitor's center, aside from a brief foray to set up our tour, for two reasons: first we had only one day and wanted to spend it on the ground (which was exhilarating and both physically and emotionally draining), secondly much of it, including the famed "Cyclorama" were under construction.
The brand-new Gettysburg Museum and Visitors Center opened a few months ago to mostly positive reviews (keeping in mind much of what I read about it comes from other Civil War bloggers) and now the renown depiction of Pickett's Charge is being unveiled after several years of renovation and restoration. This re-release will be part of the official grand opening of the new facility. Here are a few links with images included (click here and here) and thanks to Dmitri Rotov at Civil War Bookshelf for the tip.

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