Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wimbledon Semifinal Roster Almost Complete (This Post With Bonus Feature!)

Oooh boy are the Williams sisters just making a mockery of Wimbledon or what? Both stormed into the semifinals of the singles draw yesterday and today, they joined forces to advance to the semis of the doubles as well. What makes this so special is that frequently when a player in the singles draw who even deigns to play doubles advances in singles, they will often default in doubles to conserve strength.
Evidently, Serena and Venus have strength to spare as they close in on what is looking inevitably like an all-Williams, all the time Wimbledon. They are really in rare air here, I don't believe that a doubles team (let alone a winning doubles team) has been made up of both singles finalists. History in the making, and we all know how I feel about history...
Speaking of history, Roger Federer made a bit more of that today by advancing to his 17th straight Grand Slam singles semifinal. To put this in perspective, this means he has gotten into the final weekend of every Slam for more than 4 solid years! Hard to think of a comparison, because there really isn't one..
In the other major news of the day, Captain Bicep himself, Andy Murray took on Rafael Nadal in another quarterfinal showdown. Would the newest Bowflex posterboy have the flex to down the man with battleaxe arms?
Murray spent the better part of the morning picking up shards of his ego as Nadal showed what true tennis muscle looks like in a short and sweet three set victory. Best part of the coverage of this drubbing? Turns out the grassy hillside upon which Wimbledon fans can watch matches on the big screen, previously known as "Henman Hill" in honor of Tim Henman is now known as "Murray's Mound" Anyway, I'm sure we'll be hearing more about the Scrawny Scot in a few months at the US Open. In the meanwhile, the Andy Murray nickname contest starts now, so submit your nickname and be recognized!

check out this fantastic link: tennis players dressed up as their favorite Olympic sport! I liked Jonathan Erlich and Andy Ram from Israel as judo artists


Steve and Kelley said...

Ok, i officially have a man-crush on Nadal and will be supporting him through Wimbledon and beyond. The blog sold me. The guy is just too effing cool (a tough thing to pull off wearing capris mind you). In the world of overbearing agents and completely dull and saturated responses to ANYTHING (I'm looking at you Tiger), it's refreshing to hear an elite athlete be so candid. It makes him seem, shockingly, uh....normal, despite the fact that he can a hit topspin forehand that could decapitate a small farm animal. Viva Rafa!

Dave said...

Murry's Mound comment: Mark, for god's sake, can I please send your blog to Dan Patrick, in the hope that it might spark some memory of how a witty, humorous comment on sports can simply MAKE a column!

jessica said...

okay, WHAT is happening in federer's picture? I'm not going to comment about his being a robot (though I think I just heard him beep). But I just have so many questions. Did he bring along his personal chest hair arranger? Why exactly was a full fencing uniform not the choice of the day? I didn't see any other athlete in an oddly un-athletic state of undress. Even Ana Evanovic, who's beauty factor squashes fed's flat, and who could have chosen a real Olympic uniform of a skimpier sort, covered more of her chest. Does he think if he wins enough tournaments they will hand him the keys to the Ralph Lauren Empire? thank you, roger, for the belly laugh of the month. And thank you, Tipstorian, for a very fun link.