Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Pair Of Belgians

No, I'm not talking about waffles, nor am I planning to discuss the careers of Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin. I have no intention of comparing diamonds or chocolates or anything else from Belgium...
except Belgian ale.
The Tipsy Historian is not a huge consumer of all things hoppy; however, greatness must be recognized. After a day of sun and little league baseball, we needed cold refreshment. First came ice cream, then came our meeting with Two Belgians.
Both were categorized as Belgian style golden ales; the first called Piraat Ale, the second goes by Pranqster. Both come in good, dark bottles, and the Piraat bottle is charmingly squat (don't call it short, or it'll stab you with a dirk.)
I got into the Pranqster first, and immediately decided I needed to write about it. This beer is an appetizing butterscotch color with wonderful carbonation and a fantastic bready, fruity bouquet. The taste is where the true genius is, this brew is refreshing and smooth, with nice subtle fruit and a remarkably easy drinkability.
The Pranqster lives up to it's name with its' 7.5% alcohol content; after two bottles, you're laughing at everything. After 4 (they come in 4-packs), everyone else is laughing at you.
The Piraat is a bit darker and has a nose like WC Fields. The bottle it comes in may be short, but there is more flavor crammed in there than can be believed. The Jess got into this one in a hurry and immediately claimed it as her favorite, especially with its' 10.5% alcohol content. She was still singing this morning; "Do da le do-de-doooo, two Belgians, do da le do-de dOOOO!"
We've got 5 of our eight bottles still full of these lovely brews, but not for long. For those of you who enjoy big, hearty beers, book your flight, because you're going to Belgium.

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