Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Andy Murray Nickname Contest

With regards to our contest to assign the best nickname possible to this guy...

-enter as many times as you like
-I will post entries as they come in (keep it relatively clean, if you please)
-the winner will receive a bag of fresh-roasted coffee from the Tipsy Historian
-for more material/inspiration regarding our target, er, subject, click here


Dave said...

Andy "24cm pythons" Murry

Andy "bump on a twig" Murry
Andy "underarm tanning lotion" Murry
Andy "Built in Brit" Murry

jessica said...

The Banger of Mash

The Highland Hunch

just for fun, not for coffee

Steve and Kelley said...

1. Two Tickets

(as in "would you like two tickets to the gun show?")

2. The Jilted Kilt

3. A-Ray

-Steve (that's not a nickname, that's just me, because i realize my screen name has both myself and the lovely's name. Anyway, i must say it would be kind of funny to come up with a nickname for someone that's just someone else's name, and no other reason. In fact, let's do that. My fourth entry for AM's nickname is Edgar).

Anonymous said...

Anne Murray from raptordes