Monday, July 28, 2008

Civil War Top 100 Blogs

I've added a few functionalities to the right sidebar that I want to share. First is a link to Civil War Top 100, a website that ranks blogs that discuss the American Civil War based upon number of hits they get per day. Also, there is a place to review my posts if you'd like. One request, please only vote for me if you read/enjoy/care about the Civil War content on this blog. The other blogs participating have the ACW as their sole focus, so I want to be fair to the rankings. Anyway, here is the process...
-click on the Civil War Top Site icon to the right
-click "enter and vote"
I think by doing just that you record a hit to my blog, for which I thank you. If you'd like to post a review...
-scroll down slowly until you find my listing
-click on "Stats" icon next to my name
-scroll down and click "rate and review"
Also, if you'd like to subscribe to The Tipsy Historian, I've added an RSS subscription function so you can add it to your blogroll of choice.

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