Tuesday, July 1, 2008

145 Years Ago In a Pennsylvania Crossroads Town...

...the Union and Confederate armies clashed in the first of three days of fighting that would become forever known as the Battle of Gettysburg. Over the course of the following decades, this battle has risen to mythic proportions in the minds of many Americans, standing alongside the great conflicts in world history.
This battle, which would prove to be the costliest three days in American history, started to the northwest of Gettysburg on the morning of July 1, 1863, then tore through the town itself, with the first day's fighting grinding to a halt south of town. On this day, names like Buford, Reynolds, Archer, Gordon, and Ewell, and places like McPherson's Ridge, Culp's Hill, Oak Hill, and Blocher's Knoll became forever part of American military lore. Please avail yourself of the wikipedia entry covering the battle; since today marks the anniversary of the first day of battle, just focus on the introduction and the description of the first day's fighting.

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