Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Imbibe, My Friends, Imbibe

This is not a post designed to encourage you, dear reader, to consume alcohol or any beverage for that matter (though it is summer and the physiologist in me wishes to remind you to take plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration). No, this missive is actually an introduction to a most spectacular publication called Imbibe Magazine.
I have long been a magazine enthusiast, as my 24 year collection of Sports Illustrated and my mandatory trip to the newsstand when at the airport will attest. Imbibe, which I subscribed to one year ago and will now be discussed here is one of the single most wonderful and tempting periodicals out there.
If you haven't guessed by the name or clicked on the link, Imbibe is dedicated to all liquids fit for human consumption. The focus is on cocktails and spirits, but there is plenty of discussion on beer, wine, tea, coffee, and soft drinks. Basically, if you have ever been thirsty in your life, there is something for you in the contents of Imbibe. There are also pages and reviews of all the accoutremonts required for the preparation and consumption of your chosen bevvy, so not only can you learn what you want to drink, but how best to get it down.
Each issue is a whirlwind tour of beverages: their preparation, their origins, the cities where they are popular, and the recipes and dealers you need to get yourself some. There are tons of appetizing pictures, the writing is quite solid, and the breadth of coverage is just amazing. From Amsterdam to Seattle, from absinthe to vodka and all destinations between, it's all there.
Perhaps you're feeling that, as a teetotaller, there isn't going to be enough here to tickle your tastebuds, but I can happily divulge that I was introduced and continue to learn about home coffee roasting through this mag. I've bought root beer selections for friends and picked out crazy plates for The Jess. The newest issue has a huge feature on tea in all of its permutations. As I said before, if you've ever been thirsty, Imbibe will slake it for you.
The best and most titillating part of this magazine has got to be it's timing. It only comes out every two months, so each issue must be carefully savored and rationed ensuring that the fun isn't over too quickly. Oh, and archiving is particularly important so you have back issues for a reference. I usually skim the whole mag and read the reviews section on arrival, then do one article every few days with more than one sabbatical in between. I got the newest issue a few weeks ago and still have about 1/3 left to enjoy. See, Imbibe even encourages moderation!
It's entertaining, it's incredibly diverse, it'll broaden your horizons, it's Imbibe. Check it out!

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