Wednesday, July 16, 2008

San Diego Civil War Roundtable

Being that tonight is the third Wednesday of the month, it is a big night for myself and my fellow San Diego Civil War aficionados, for this is the time when the San Diego Civil War Roundtable convenes.
So let's bust up a few stereotypes right here, right now
-no, we do not all dress up like Union or Confederate soldiers
-no, I am not a Civil War reenactor
-no, we do not whistle Dixie
-no, there is no campfire
-no, we are not trying to glorify the Confederacy (or the Union, for that matter)
The group functions as a resource for people interested in discussing and learning about the Civil War through a monthly lecture series. Each meeting covers a specific topic selected by the person giving the talk that night. We usually start with updates on local lectures and interesting book publications. There is also a great opportunity for bibliophiles to augment their collections as the stash of used Civil War books for sale is never-ending. The cause is also noteworthy, as all proceeds go towards battlefield preservation.
Once we've all spent a few bucks, we get started with the subject at hand. Over the past 1.5 years I've been a member, there have been lectures on topics ranging from Jefferson Davis and the Pope to infectious disease during the war. We've had authors discussing their books, battlefield guides covering their experiences, all sorts of fantastic authorities.
Tonight, we'll be hearing a group member who is an expert at geneology discussing the path he took to find the war records of a relative in Michigan. This is a fascinating topic and one that is broadly applicable; most people, including myself, have relatives that fought in the war whether you know about it or not.
October will be my opportunity to take the podium for a lecture on the Harvard Regiment and its service during the Battle of Gettysburg. This is going to be a great opportunity to discuss this band of warriors in a single campaign without all of the myth-making and glorification that usually accompanies regimental discussions. I'll be sure to post more about it closer to the time, right now the talk is very much in the formative stages.
Anyway, the SDCWRT website has directions as well as a link to the monthly newsletter if you wanna check it out. The meetings are free and there is no expectation of any Civil War knowledge or background, thus the material is readily accessible to anyone with a hint of interest. It's a unique experience in a really relaxed environment, so join me if you're so inclined

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