Monday, June 2, 2008

What's Nick Bolletierri Made Of?

So we just tuned in to catch some of today's highlights and there's the ubiquitous Nick Bolletierri on TV babbling about why the French Open is so great. For those who don't know, Bolletierri runs a famous tennis academy in Florida and made a name for himself as Andre Agassi's first coach. As with any tennis coach, Bolletierri is quite tan...

Bolletierri closed his monologue by saying something like "the red clay Grand Slam is one of the best ever"
Jess, my ever-awesome wife, responded to this in perfect deadpan fashion...
"He looks like he's made of red clay!"
Had to post this immediately, because this was way too good to go under the "Why Jess is Cool" sidebar.

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