Friday, June 27, 2008

Two Days of Wimbledon in 3 Acts, Act 3: The Jess in the Third Round

So if you recall in Act One, we discussed Janko Tipsarevic, the man who dispatched Andy Roddick. What few, if any people know, is that that person is actually the beloved wife of the Tipsy Historian, and here's why.
When The Jess and I first started dating, I noticed and she explained how she had an interesting and often surprising propensity to fall down. After a few tumbles and many laughs, I gave her the moniker of "Tipsy Jessie", which stuck pretty well.
Anyway, a few years later, here comes this lanky Serbian cat who starts rising up the rankings and getting himself of TV quite a bit. This coincided with The Jess' rising interest in the sport, and suddenly, we'd found her doppelganger (gender aside, of course).
Glasses? Check. Tattoos? Yup (even though Jess has one tattoo, she told me yesterday that if she were a professional tennis player "I'd have tons of tattoos!" That girl is so cool.) Cerebral approach to the game? Done.
And the name, well it was just so easy to turn Tipsy Jessie into Tipsarevic, so now anytime he's competing, I give her updates along the lines of "you just beat Andy Roddick" or "you're on ESPN tomorrow night playing Roger Federer"
So after yesterday's win, my wife is in the third round of Wimbledon, and believe me, I'll be watching!

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