Friday, June 27, 2008

Two Days of Wimbledon in 3 Acts, Act One: Americans, Go Home!

I am shocked, agog, and irritated at the comprehensive flop of the American men in the Wimbledon singles draw. What a revolting display this has been, five days of hearing Chris Myers say "...and American (fill in name) went down today" in a way that clearly shows he's not surprised, we shouldn't be surprised, and things are probably going to get worse in the future. Seriously, when Bobby Reynolds is your best (and last) shot to get into the 4th round, you know you're in trouble.
Chief amongst these heartless villains is James Blake, who ran out to a 2 sets-to-one lead against journeyman Rainier Schuettler, then decided to pack up his backbone, put away his heart, and lose in 5 sets.
Honestly, I'm just sick of this guy giving away matches! If it's not this one, it's losing in the finals at Delray Beach to a tour rookie. Or losing your first 20 million five set matches. All the shots, great personality, a true gentleman, and no idea what it takes to close people out.
Every time I hear his say "too good" when an opponent hits a winner, I want to scream at him! That behavior is nice on the practice court, or for me in recreational matches, but it kills me that he just acquiesces like this.
I want to root for him, I love his game, his personal story is incredibly dramatic, but I'm done. Until he shows the killer instinct needed to do all of his wonderful talent and personality justice, I'm just done. No more cheering, no more J-block, no more expecting greatness. I'm finished with James Blake.

Andy Roddick is another tricky one, after bringing his huge serve and big expectations he went down in 4 sets to Janko Tipsarevic (more on him in Act 3 in the second round.
Before I could load both barrels and let fly; however, he gave these comments in his post-match press conference, which you can read here. This guy clearly has a great sense of his own game and that of the people around him. I love his candor, his honesty, and his recognition of his capabilities. I also thoroughly appreciate and believe his intention to keep looking for that next level to help him get back into the front row (great metaphor Andy!)

Lots of other upsets, and some interesting men moving towards the second week with a fascinating mix of old (Safin, Hewitt) names and new (Ancic, Wawrinka) England's forlorn hope Andy Murray is still alive and plays his third rounder tomorrow, as does Rafa, whose blog is just a treat

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