Monday, June 30, 2008

Flex 'Em If You Got 'Em, I Suppose

Andy, oh Andy, why do you make it so hard to like you? Today's Richard Gasquet vs Andy Murray match will certainly join the pantheon of classic Wimbledon battles, what with the 5 set thriller, the 2 sets to love deficit overcome by Murray as the sun went down (no lights at Wimbledon), and some brilliant shotmaking by the pale Scot to make it all happen. With the entire tennis world looking proudly on, what did you choose to do, Andy? Did you run to the net to respectfully shake hands with your vanquished foe, did you smile and wave to the fans who had screamed their brains out for you?
No. You pulled up the right sleeve of your shirt, flexed your bicep, and pointed at it. No dear readers, I'm not kidding, he actually did this. When I told The Jess about this stunt she declared "I would have hit him on the head with my racket!" When she saw it herself on Sportscenter, she covered her mouth in shock while I chuckled.
The Brits are stuck with you as their solitary hope for any sort of tennis glory, but by God, I'll always think you're a clown. It's a shame too, because you are an amazingly creative and speedy player with tremendous skill. Unfortunately, you have, to paraphrase Crash Davis from Bull Durham "a million dollar game and a ten cent head".
Now, in what should have been a proud moment for you, you look like the tool that you are. Soon, you're going to see some real biceps when you face Rafa Nadal in the quarters on Wednesday. Best of luck, stringbean.

The women's draw continued its descent into almost total anarchy today as Jelena Jankovic and Svetlana Kuznetsova both lost, making this the first Grand Slam in the Open Era (40 years) where none of the top 4 seeds make the quarterfinals. Were it not for Venus and Serena Williams continuing their respective runs towards the finals, this Wimbledon would look like tennis' equivalent of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (no links for you, you must find the answer yourself, grasshoppa).
Tomorrow is where another unique feature of Wimbledon picks up: all the women's quarterfinals are played in one day, with the men on Wed. The tourney continues in this staggered fashion through to the finals. I love this approach, each gender gets the limelight for a day.
The tournament hits high gear now, so you should update yourself on the draws and schedule of play at

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