Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cocktails and Grub Joined At The Hip

Picking up where we left off in Portland with the cocktail and food pairing phenomenon...
I was thinking about the first time I ever considered cocktails as an entity unto themselves; it was the Tom Cruise classic movie "Cocktail" How old is this flick? I have it on VHS. This movie depicted the era where testosterone fueled morons swilled crap to help them get girls.
Now, I guess the biggest difference is, we don't drink crap (and I've found my ultimate lady).
Cocktails have come an unbelievably long way from the depths of Tom Cruise hell to the front pages of foodie magazines and the forefront of palates far more distinguished and sophisticated than mine. Now they are considered and evaluated as carefully as the very finest wines and have the requisite weeklong reverential celebration called Tales of the Cocktail.
From huge Nawlins parties to your own dinner table, there has never been a better time to enjoy spirits. To help you jump on the best part of this bandwagon, the magic of pairing cocktails with your daily fare, check out this fantastic primer from

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