Sunday, June 8, 2008


Ana Ivanovic picked up her first Grand Slam championship yesterday, and today she starts to pick up the fat checks that come with being young, beautiful, charismatic, and the French Open women's singles champion.
She's had a champion-size game for several years now, but for the first time she showed the grit and heart that it takes to win a tournament of this magnitude. Now, she has a huge amount of momentum and confidence heading into the grass-court season and Wimbledon. Oh yeah, and she's number one in the world to boot.
And oh my God, the money! Just you watch, next year when Forbes Magazine posts its list of top earning male and female athletes, Ivanovic will be there. She's got all the features that Madison Avenue will absolutely eat up, and a childhood story of hardship in war-torn Serbia that will make anyone and everyone her fan.

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