Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

What a fantastic New Year's Eve!
A strong start was needed because I was wiped out after admitting on Sunday, and that's just what happened. Slept late, a few West Wings (we're wrapping up season 7) and then the best DVR move of all time. All of ESPN's year in review programs were on back to back and I was lucky enough to find 'em.
Jess had a whole menu planned and spent the afternoon putting it together. I continued my Gettysburg study, we will spend some time discussing the 6th Wisconsin at the railroad bed in another post, and got the bar ready.
At the last minute, some New Year's classics, Jenny, Shane, and Kristin joined us for a mellow celebration, and we definitely hit our stride with the nutrition
The Dinner
persimmon, arugula, butter lettuce, walnut, blue cheese salad w/ curry vinaigrette
roast Russet potatoes w/ Gruyere cheese from Zingermans (check out zingermans.com)
Rubachkin chicken breast w/ tarragon sauce
broccoli w/ lemon butter sauce
for dessert, a pear tart tartin
The Libations
Old Fashioned
Sour Apple Martini
Shapiro's Chatham Artillery Punch (backstory: Jess and I channeled "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" on this one. "One part fruit, 3 parts liquor. Whatever's available on both accounts" As this drink is prepared and consumed, you must speak with a Savannah twang. The South will rise again!
Start with a first class pitcher, pour in large quantity fresh squeezed OJ. Next crack a new bottle of Ketel One Citroen, throw fear to the wind, and let it pour. As you stir this blend together, your trusty henchman will juice 3 limes, 2 lemons, and one orange all into the same container. This beautiful, opaque volume is then added with brisk stirring to follow. As the mixing continues, splashes of grenadine and simple syrup is folded in (careful here, this is more for color and a touch of sweet, too much and the citrus tang will be overwhelmed). Now 12 cubes ice, more stirring, and the first tasting. POW! Unreal stuff, just unreal. Tangy, cold, smooth, and refreshing. So much citrus power with just perfect alcohol sizzle.
Now the scary part. We had a bottle of limoncello made with Everclear that, to my slightly foggy mnd, sounded like a perfect addition to the leftovers after the first round was finished. In it went, down it went. Beautiful!
2007 definitely was washed down in style, now it's on to 2008! Happy New Year!

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