Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gettysburg Day One Finished

I finished Gettysburg: Day One by Pfanz. Really a fantastic dissection of the action that took place on July 1, 1863. There is an topic I'm writing about with regards to General Robert E. Lee's leadership shortcomings on the day and what some of the underlying issues may have been. It will be posted sometime in the next week or two so look out for it! Moving on to Pfanz' Gettysburg: Day Two...

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Just stumbled on to your site and was scrolling thru your Gettysburg posts and noticed this one on Pfanz Day 1. It is a great book but from what I have found with discussions with others that there is a feeling that it may be the weakest of the 3 as Pfanz actually wrote Day 1 last and was hesitant to do it. True or not ...I don't know.. but I feel that the Day 2 book is a classic and the best account of that day in print. Just wondering if you have read it and if you agree that it is the best of the 3 books.