Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 2 continued

American Sam Querrey, who's about 6-9 (and lived in my hometown of Santa Rosa, even played at my old racket club for a few years) just knocked off Olivier Rochus, who, at 5-5 is the shortest professional male out there. When they shook hands at the net, all I could think of was Willow shouting "You are great!" to Val Kilmer. Wow, just channeled Dennis Miller with that obscure movie reference.
Now James Blake is on court, and he has so much sunblock on his face he looks like he's scared to death! Geez, man, someone in the locker room or the tunnel should have thrown the guy a friggin bone; he looks goofy! Reminds me of Patrick Rafter from back in the day and the gobs of zinc oxide he used to wear.
Guess 2007 Wimbledon finalist and 10th seeded Marian Bartoli still hasn't mastered those chopsticks yet, she just got bounced out by someone named Sofia Arvidsson. Like I said, though, the Australian Open is the place for the Sofia Arvidsson's of the world to make their move or get out of the way.
See you tomorrow

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