Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Roast It!

"Coffee should be dark as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love" -Turkish proverb

I found the above quote in my new issue of Imbibe magazine (imbibemagazine.com) and it is the perfect realization of my expectations for my daily brew. I use Wolf's Coffee (a Northern California institution, check out wolfcoffee.com) that is delivered to me ground for paper filters. I prefer the Mocha Java and Machu Picchu beans. Chocolately, rich, with a nice caffeine boost in the morning. On the weekends, we indulge in a French Press using the same grind. 2 tablespoons to 8 oz boiling water, steep for 4 minutes, depress the plunger and go for it! Believe me, french press coffee is a different sport entirely and one that is reserved for long, mellow mornings.
The next frontier, however, will be to roast my own beans at home. Basically you take the green beans, roast 'em, rest 'em for 24 hours, then grind 'em and drink 'em. I'm on the prowl for a West Bend Poppery II air popcorn popper, which according to www.sweetmarias.com, is the ideal choice for roasting at home. Ebay is probably going to be my best bet as I pulled a Ryan Howard (MLB record holder for most strikeouts in a season) on craigslist. My feeling, and I don't want to raise the bar to Sergei Bubka heights before my first attempt, but I think we're going to set a new standard here.

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