Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Aussie Open Day 4

Another of my dark horses went down, now it's my choice in the women's draw. Tatiana Golovin of France is no more. All eyes on Israeli Shahar Peer, who gets chokemeister Elena Dementieva in the third round. Winner of that likely gets my pre-tourney favorite Maria Sharapova, so we'll see...
Sam Querrey is putting himself in a really nice position. He knocked off Dimitri Tursonov to set up a third round matchup against #3 seed Novac Djokovic. This is the kind of opportunity that a young player has to capitalize on sometime or step aside.
I was really upset to see a fight in the stands yesterday, that just doesn't seem to happen at tennis matches. More disturbing, however, was how the security controlled the fracas. There were a handful of dudes pushing and slapping in the stands, and the guards started pumping pepper spray into the bleachers. Suddenly 20-30 people are covering their eyes and coughing, other pointing at the guards and yelling. Imagine what would happen here if that happened! What a mess.
Tonights play wraps up the second round; starting tomorrow evening, the third round begins. Now that we're (nearly) down to 32, we really start to see contenders separate themselves from the pretenders. Gonna start getting even more exciting. Stay tuned!

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