Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So Explain It Already!

The quote from the member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans justifying the enormous Confederate flag flying in Tampa, "we fly it so we can explain it" prompted me to do a bit of research to explore how serious the SCV was about educating the curious about their motivations.
I looked at both the main SCV website and the site for the Florida chapter, the main site makes absolutely no mention of it, the Florida site has a picture of the flag, but no essays, comments, editorials, or illustrative links.
Basically, there is absolutely no thought, content, consideration, or insight behind what they are doing with this ridiculous flag. The SCV Florida chapter is behaving like a screaming child looking for attention by pressing the buttons it knows will get a response. Moreover, the glaring lack of discussion on these sites makes this organization look absolutely foolish.
There's no accurate representation of history anywhere near the SCV, this is just a bunch of chest thumping, a gasp for acknowledgement while society, philosophy, morality, and the world pass them by. Maybe it's not an accident this flag is near an interstate highway, people will just glance at it in their rearview mirror.

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