Friday, January 23, 2009

The Australian Open Needs To Get Its Act Together!

This was absolutely not what tennis needs to start 2009. No, no, no. Not at the first Grand Slam, not ever! We should be reading and writing about the incredible tennis being played, not the ridiculous spectacles (plural intentional) on the tournament grounds.
First was the riot between Bosnian fans of Amer Delic and Croatian fans of Novak Djokovic. In broad daylight, with the world's cameras rolling, the chairs and fists started flying. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries, but 30 people were thrown out and two arrested.
As the cameras showed the fracas grind on for minutes on live TV, one wondered where the security was. This was the second such rumble in 3 years at the Australian Open, they knew that the fans of these two players don't like each other, how are you not ready for this?!
Absolute idiocy!
To make it worse, some joker ran onto the court during the Williams sisters' doubles match with nothing but a shirt on. He danced around with his junk hanging out for nearly a full minute before being escorted off the court. Why he wasn't immediately stopped by security is beyond comprehension, especially when one recalls that Monica Seles was stabbed by a man who made his way on court during a match. The look on both Serena and Venus' faces showed that they both sure remembered.
Yesterday was just a total disaster for tennis and for the administrators of the Aussie Open and there needs to be much better security planning for both players and fans, or else there's going to be a real disaster to deal with.

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