Sunday, May 18, 2008

UCLA Tennis, Live Online!

What a find, what a find, what a find! So I'm perusing the Internet sports world, finding some excellent tennis blogs, and reading other people's opinions on today's match, when I remember that the NCAA Men's Tennis Championships are coming down the stretch. So I decide to take a look and see if I can find out how my beloved UCLA Bruins are doing.
For those who don't know, I spent the bulk of my undergraduate time as a Bruin working as a sportwriter for the Daily Bruin, covering men's soccer and men's tennis for two years, then covering men's basketball. I also had a weekly column. Anyway, loved the job and, in getting to know the players and coach Billy Martin quite well, it certainly gave me a lifelong affinity for the Bruin tennis team.
So imagine my joy to see that the Bruins are in the quarterfinals against the hated Trojans! Then, imagine my excitement to find out that these matches are being streamed live, for free online. All you have to do is click here, and scroll down to find men's tennis quarterfinals.
Having done that, I proceeded to find the UCLA-USC match happening live with score streaming. So I clicked on court one, because the overall score was UCLA 3, USC 2, the first team to four match wins advancing, and the match on court one was in a tiebreaker, with UCLA's Holden Seguso having taken the first set.
You probably can't imagine my happiness when the screen (finally) picked up the action just as the UCLA players ran onto the court in celebration of their victory, and I got to watch it live! I haven't seen them play live since my senior year in 1998, so this was a brilliant way to find them again. The semis are tomorrow against Texas, probably won't be able to watch that, but if the Bruins advance, I'll definitely be watching (and posting) about the final. As always and faithfully, Go Bruins!

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margaret Shapiro said...

Mark, you are an awesome, amazing writer. Your words are so fluid, you write the reader off the page. Keep writing- it is such an integral part of who you are!!!!!! I look forward to more of your written words, to tell so many stories. I love the observation, the detail, the use of explosive words. Love you, Mom