Friday, May 30, 2008

Breaking French Open News

OK, so if this post was on TV right now, you have to imagine intense bass-centric music, colorful graphics moving and twirling around your screen, and a severe-looking announcer telling you "We have breaking news..." because The Tipsy Historian has BREAKING NEWS!
Today at the French Open, Serena Williams lost her third round match to Katerina Srebotnik 6-4, 6-4. Williams had been many pundit's choice to win this Justine Henin-free event.
"So what, Tipsy Historian" you might be saying. "I already saw that news on"
Yeah, well, here's the (cue music, lights, and graphics) BREAKING NEWS! Venus Williams just lost as well, 7-5, 6-3. This news is so fresh, I don't even know the first name of the woman who beat her, so for now it's F. Panetta of Italy. This news is so brand-spanking new, Venus has barely made her way off the court. So hot I can barely touch my keyboard!
Stay tuned here for further bulletins, and talking heads discussing the potential names for the woman who beat Venus, because if it's Frank, Fred, or Fabricio (thanks, Jess), we've got a scandal on our hands!
Also, anyone know the last time both Williams sisters lost on the same day at a Grand Slam?

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