Saturday, May 31, 2008

Odesnik Watch Day 5

The trivia question asked in my post earlier has an answer below. The question again was, how many times have both Williams sisters lost on the same day at a Grand Slam?
As was posited yesterday, erstwhile American grinder Wayne Odesnik is out of the French Open, after getting crunched by Novak Djokovic. Not to worry, though, as Wayne Odesnik's name will hopefully pop again on your radar either at a tennis tournament or in a game of JUMBLE (I can get YON KIDS WEAN. I guess children in the distance are no longer suckling. Anyway, if you look at the time that this post goes up, you'll see why things are a bit strange)
Other French bits 'n pieces:
-4 Frenchmen advance
-Andy Murray is out (thank goodness, he's a pain)
-Bethanie Mattek learned how to dress, and got a set off Maria Sharapova
-Rafael Nadal is just killing everyone in his path
-Alize Cornet lost, but still looks like Cleopatra

Trivia answer: zero (I'm pretty sure)

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