Sunday, February 8, 2009

Doc Roasted

So I've been roasting coffee beans like crazy, and the holidays were especially prolific. I cranked out so many bags of freshly roasted heaven for friends and family and got so many compliments, I decided that my little hobby needs a name. I'm going with "Doc-Roasted" because, you know, dark roasted, my job, haha.
Anyway, we're about due for another coffee cupping and a new stash has arrived from Sweet Marias. I'll be slapping this new moniker on the ziploc bags that hold the beans I roast, so be on the lookout.
To ensure that the quality continues to rise, I'm hoping to take my hobby to the next level. I've been using a fixed setting on my trusty iRoast-2, and am quite sure that I'm not getting to the true essence of the beans I'm roasting. I found this article about getting the most out of my roaster, as well as these suggestions from Imbibe Magazine, and have thus been newly inspired.
I've got 2.5 lbs of Rwanga Ngonkoru Nyarusiza, which is a premier bean, just below an Ethiopian yergacheffe, and I'm determined to solve this puzzle. I've just finished roasting in the standard way I've been doing it; using a fixed setting for about 6-7 minutes. Tasting notes will follow, and next time, I'll vary the roasting times and temps a bit, and seek out the differences.
It's pretty amazing how good these home-roasted beans turn out, and I fully realize I'm a buffoon when it comes to actually doing this right. A little more dedication to the craft, and hopefully the next level won't be too far off.
Oh yeah, coffee art for your viewing pleasure here.

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