Monday, February 16, 2009

Civil War Multimedia: A Lost Cause Video, A Lecture, And The Blogosphere

Remember those questionnaires in junior high and high school that would help determine the "best way" you learn? I always thought those were junk, personally. A little viewing, some writing, a bit of listening, a good mixture was the key to a rich understanding of a subject. Thus I bring you the Civil War in three different media and three different themes.
First a furthering of the discussion of Civil War art that has been undertaken here and elsewhere. Cenantua's Blog and Civil War Memory brought me to this post at Vast Public Indifference, a blog I've followed for sometime, but had gotten a bit behind on. The video clip at the bottom is a fabulous juxtaposition and illustrates the fusion of Civil War art and the Lost Cause mythology.
I refer you to our previous discussions of Generals Lee and Jackson, and thus armed, you will see some striking imagery with a frankly bizarre, almost delusional grasp of the past in the song lyrics.
The overwritten commentary is like a breath of fresh air in a room that had the doors and windows closed for nearly 200 years (not a bad simile, if I do say so). This is a nice mix of reading, listening, and watching, so everyone is sure to get something out of it. Also, the unforgiving perspective she gives on the paintings and song lyrics is just right on the money.
But wait, you say you want to read more? Well then I provide you with a selection of new Civil War oriented blogs to choose from, and you can peruse to your heart's delight.
Draw The Sword: This is a fabulous blog maintained by Jenny Goellnitz focusing on Gettysburg monuments. What sets this blog apart is the "Find A Unit" function she has set up. See it for yourself. Fantastic!
This Mighty Scourge: A study of small units from brigade-level on down, also provides frequent posts "this day during the war" posts.
South From the North Woods: A blog by an Antietam park ranger and colleague of Mannie Gentile
Renegade South: A study of Southern Unionist sentiment by Victoria Bynum. An outstanding and diverse exploration of a challenging subject.
If you're sick of reading, and want to get back to a more auditory experience, well then just come out to Huntington Beach, CA tomorrow night and catch me delivering my lecture on the 20th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry to the Orange County Civil War Roundtable. Same material as last August, but totally different audience, should be good fun.


Anonymous said...

We are looking forward to having you at our round table tonight Mark.
See you soon .

Susan Sweet

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, you have an interesting blog here--something for almost everyone! I've added you to Renegade South's blogroll


Mark said...

Hi Vikki,
Thanks for the comment, glad you like it. I try to keep things diverse, if you ever try one of the drinks, please let me know what you think, and please add your opinions to any topics you like. Thanks for following along