Saturday, November 15, 2008

A New San Diego Cocktail Tradition

I was reading the NY Times recently (available for free online) when I happened upon a most interesting article about the surge in NYC bars that focus on the subtle and artistic approach to making truly fine and unique cocktails. An interesting article, to be sure, but not much help to me, living in San Diego.
Then came the epiphany! I'm going go out and write the same article, but focusing on San Diego establishments. I, with The Jess at my side, propose to hit up a selection of bars with a known amount of cocktail prowess as well as some that may until now, have flown under the radar.
This is definitely designed to be a community activity, so, friends of the Tipsy Historian, make yourselves heard! I need suggestions on bars and bartenders, and I'll post when we intrepid mixologists will make our way to any specific place.
I've even established a new post label: "San Diego bar reviews" and all further posts on this subject will have this designation. Just like I review books, it's time to start reviewing places where we can get a first class cocktail!

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