Saturday, November 22, 2008

Touring Battlefields With Two Thousand Dollars Worth Of Booze!

If you enjoy reading James McPherson's books, touring battlefields, learning about the Battle of Shiloh and/or Abraham Lincoln, and doing all of this with $2,000 worth of wine, beer, and Scotch, then this might be the single-most enjoyable article the NY Times has ever published and you have ever read. Honestly, it's like the writer of this article thought "how can I write the perfect article for The Tipsy Historian?" and then went ahead and cranked it out. Fantastic!

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John Kelly said...

I think I still have a paper I wrote for Mike Buell that argues that Shiloh was the pivotal battle of the war. Granted (pun intended), it's clearly in the shadow of Gettysburg, Vicksburg, or Sherman's March to the Sea, but nice to see that a more obscure event's coming into focus over time.

Hope you're doing well. Miss you on Facebook.