Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Beer Shandy

It's hot in San Diego right now, so the quest for refreshing and inexpensive beverages is at its apex. I had been one of the rare people who does not find beer to be a suitable drink for a hot day until I perfected The Beer Shandy
This is a drink that my parents used to enjoy both at home and on visits to their home country of South Africa, and is a simple blend of beer and ginger ale. Well, simple on the surface at least. I've been fumbling through various beers, various ginger ales, and a mixture of glasses to find the right mix.
The basic ingredient is of course, the beer. Because we're looking for a light, crisp base for maximal refreshment, the lager beer in all of its varieties is a good choice. The Jess and I experimented with several choices, but couldn't find the right choice. The answer ended up coming from a most unexpected place; the back of the fridge. There rested two cans of Heineken, a beer that The Jess doesn't really care for at all.
Given that we were hot and thirsty, I figured I'd give it a try. We had long ago selected the ginger ale of choice; Schweppes. This one has just the right mix of spicy and sweet, as well as not too much carbonation. Now we needed the glass.
One of the best and most elegant glasses I have in the bar is a set of pilsner glasses. Long and inviting, they show off the beverage so well, and the tapered base is just perfect to hold. So now these three disparate items came together, and the beer shandy was perfected.

The Beer Shandy
1 12 oz can Heineken beer
1 10oz bottle Schweppes ginger ale
pilsner glasses

First, it goes without saying that the beer and ginger ale must be cold from the fridge. Pour 6 oz of beer into a tilted glass to minimize head formation. Add 5 oz ginger ale, again tilting the glass to allow the ginger ale and beer to intercalate.
Drink and be refreshed


Brandi said...

hey mark,
this sounds yummy. all i have in the fridge right now is shiner, which would probably taste terrible. i might have to run to the store!

i visited zimbabwe during college and i remember the "malawi shandy." i feel like they used ginger beer, which was different than our ginger ale. i'm sure i'm not going to find it in my small town heb, though.

it's great to hear from you. hope all is well.

Brandi said...

is it wrong for me to go grocery shopping for cocktail ingredients when people 30 minutes away are in line for dry ice???

thanks for reminding me of kretzer. you always did the best impression.

did you hear feigin died?