Monday, March 2, 2009

Post-Op Fluids

One year ago yesterday, The Jess came home after having a major surgery. It was a huge moment in our lives and one that we continue to come to grips with. Part of this process was our dinner to mark the occasion. All of my wife's favorite flavors were in play, and she was just a whirling dervish in the kitchen. Beautiful.
I took on the responsibility of crafting a new cocktail to help us toast the moment. Following Ariana Johnson's advice of picking the flavor palate you want to work with and our theme of all of The Jess' favorites, I came up with the base structure of blood orange, ginger, and cachaca.
From there I grabbed the Leblon Cachaca, Domaine Canton Ginger Liqueur, and a handful of beautiful, in-season, local blood oranges.

I'm proud to say that the first trial turned into the single-best drink I've invented to date. All the flavors balanced, a lovely, silky texture, and a palatal parade of some of The Jess favorites. The name also has a playfulness around it, as one should not consume booze after surgery. I give you:

Post-Op Fluids
1.5 oz Leblon cachaca
1 oz Domaine Canton Ginger Liqueur
2 oz fresh-squeezed blood orange juice
Shake vigorously until your shaker frosts up...
...and pour into martini glass
Follow these step and you will end up with a seriously delicious drink!

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